5/19/20231 min read


unfurtunaly our restaurant is closed for the moment but we do bring you our best choices right around the corner from us. rest assure that this places are "handpicked" for the same reason we are working so hard to opening our restaurant, quality and exquisite puerto rican dishes.

We are so anxious and working hard to bring you our great selection of exquisite, rich and cultural puerto Rican cuisine like

Arroz mambosteao- a version of our rice and beans mixed while cooking add some cilantro and some tipical plants and herbs to get that taste boosted to another level. you can choose between keeping it a more veggie option adding some sweet plaintains or go straight to adding our juicy skirt steak right inside your mambosteao. Plate includes a side of fresh salad and your choice of meat (Chicken, beef, fish, or plant based).

viandas (Yams, Root Vegetables)- mashed calabaza, yautia, vianda, batata (yellow or orange), pana, guineo and other great plates for the delightment of your taste buds.