Travel to Puerto Rico

We cant offer you everything, Fortunately, we are in one of the best spots in Puerto Rico... which can basically translate to the same.

So, What do you want to do?

Electric car Charging Stations:

There are 12 Electric Car Charging station across the west if Puerto Rico 2 In The North and 7 in the "Metro" (San Juan, Capital area, City Area)


Beach & Hiking Area

Distance: 18 Minutes

Amazing beach area with beautiful sceneries and many different beaches. Great for paddleboarding, snorkeling, sunset watching or for relaxing and enjoying the beach

Zhaori MTB Trial

Distance: 10 Minutes

Green blue & black rated trails some follow next to a canal others send you into triple canopy forrest with magnificent majestic trees centuries old. These trails are shared with horseback riders and sport Trac vehicles. The canals are property of the Auqaducts Authority as part of the water distribution system who occasionally and routinely perform maintenance to the system.

Hoyo 8 MTB Trail

Distance: 15 Minutes

Hoyo 8 Trail Track is a 4 km moderately popular green doubletrack trail located near Aguadilla. This mountain bike primary trail can be used both directions and has a easy overall physical rating with a 42 m green climb. On average it takes 27 minutes to complete this trail.

Valle del Fuego MTB Trail

Distance: 17 Minutes

A fast trail along the beach side

Scooters Isabela

Distance: 8 Minutes

Please remember to make reservations a few days in advance

Playuela Horse Rides

Distance: 20 Minutes

Please make reservations a few days in advance

Tropical Trail Rides (horseback Rides)

Distance: 3 Minutes

Please remember to make reservations a few days in advance

Isabela Sk8 Plaza

Distance: 17 Minutes

Punta Borinquen Golf Club

Distance: 13 Minutes

D'Spa Isabela

Distance: 1 Minute, 4 minute walking distance

Spa & health club

Hang Loose Surf Shop

Offering rentals, Surf Lessons, Sales & Manufacture of Surfboards, Foil Boards, Kite Boards, Skim Boards and SUP. They also offer Ding Repair Service, Sales of surfboard manufacture Materials Selection of Snorkel Gear, T-Shirts, Caps, Sun Glasses

Distance: 1 Minute, 4 minute waling distance

Catapult Adventure Park

Amusement Park

Distance: 21 Minutes

The Pet Vet Jobos Beach

Distance: 1 Minute, 5 Minute walking distance

Poblado San Antonio, Decorado Aguadilla

A whole neighborhood lights up in Christmas lights perfect for families where every house turns into a winter's dream

(Christmas Season Only)

Distance: 6 Minutes

Ruinas Hacienda Fortuna

(Ruins Old Cane Processing Farm)

Distance: 17 Minutes

This 19th century sugar farm is located in the Guerrero neighborhood and is currently owned by the University of Puerto Rico, which maintains an Agricultural Experimental Station there.

Basketball Court

Distance: 1 Minute, 3 Minutes walking distance

Mirador Paseo Tablado

Distance: 3 Minutes

Pirámide de Aguada (Aguada's Pyramid)

Distance: 33 Minutes

Commissioned by Nelson Ruiz, this pyramid was constructed in 2009 by the architect Emiliano Matos and it honors America's pre-Columbian civilizations.

Mirador De Aguadilla

(Aguadilla Beach View Point, Scenic Spot)

Distance: 20 Minutes

El Parterre

Distance: 21 Minutes

Formal city square, built in 1851, surrounding a historic natural spring called the Ojo de Agua

Walmart Isabela

Distance: 20 Minutes


Distance: 47 Minutes

One of the most accessible and paradisaical waterfalls on the island, it is so beautiful it was one of the filming locations of the Hollywood film "A Perfect Getaway". there are two waterfalls in gozalandia, both with their own unique personality and ambiance.

Cueva del Viento

(Cave of The Winds)

Distance: 39 Minutes

It is in the karst region of Puerto Rico, so the landscape and plant life is totally different than what we are used to seeing. And in my opinion, the best part about this forest is the cave you get to explore. But a trip to this forest and cave cannot be done on a whim — you definitely need to plan this trip.

Ruinas del Faro (Lighthouse Ruins)

Distance: 17 Minutes

Found in the northwest town of Aguadilla, the ruins of the Punta Borinquen lighthouse are found near Aguadilla's Punta Borinquen golf course and they overlook a popular surfing spot. These stunning ruins are the remnants of a lighthouse built in the 18th century by the Spanish, which was partially destroyed by an earthquake in 1918.

Castillo La' Badie, Palacete los Moreau

Distance: 16 Minutes

Built in 1893, it is the only building still standing of an agricultural conglomerate where both coffee and sugar were planted and processed. It belonged to the French family Pellot.

Gulf Bajuras Convenience Store

Distance: 1 Minute Walking Distance

Borinquen Car Rental

Distance: 7 Minutes


Distance: 19 Minutes

Colmado El Aventurero

Distance: 3 Minutes Walking Distance

Little convenience store you can find usefull everyday items for your benefits

Pozo de Jacinto

Popular natural attraction featuring an eroded rock cavern revealing the churning ocean below.

Distance: 3 Minutes

Rafael Hernández International Airport

Distance: 10 Minutes

Closest airport to paradise site of Puerto Rico, its true colors and culture.

Jobos Food Stop

Almost ten different food trucks for any taste buds

Distance: 1 Minutes Walking Distance

Cave Exploring in Northern West Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is home to many beautiful diverse caves in the world. The northern west region of our island is particularly rich in caves with over 200 documented caves. The caves offer great and safe from dangerous wild animals unlike other parts of the world. There are no bears or panters, no gorillas no venomous snakes. Its a great opportunity for beginners to learn cave exploring and families to concentrate in exploring our island's geological history, its underground ecosystem and spending time with their loved ones.

Random caves to explore while you visit:

Cuevas del Rio Camuy/ Camuy River Cave Park is in fact one of the largest cave systems in the world with over 260 cave system. There are guided tours of the caves, which includes a boat ride on the Camuy River.

Cueva del Indio/Indian's Cave

Located in Arecibo Puerto Rico,