"A break from everything is much needed every ones in a while""

No big city here but everything close enough to not need a thing.

Located in the municipality of Isabela Puerto Rico, Welcome to West Puerto Rico. Where culture is rich, food is more than just looks and possibilities are an effective way to get your mind off for a while.

Here you can rejoice in a more calm and joyful environment. Here, you are always welcome to enjoy being you and to explore what we are.

Are you a family with different tastes? No problem. Want to try out for surfing? Take a relaxing day at a spa or a nice sun bath? Feel free to fill back up that natural vitamin D?, We can help you with that.

Look out for the months of February thru August when you can spot the turtle laying their eggs and from April to August the spectacular show while the eggs are hatching and baby turtles are going on their life's journey.

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon in a hammock while contemplating the beautiful sunset touching the border of the Atlantic sea or give yourself and your family the awesome experience of riding horseback, there's just so much to do near us.

Ocean Breeze Hotel Restaurant & Bar

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Rough waves that day? you can still refresh in our pool


Why not?


When is hot outside is great inside


Sometimes its necessity

10 Minutes Away From Airport

Easy way in, easy way out

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